Early Childhood Education

Little Rock will do something no other Arkansas city has done if you vote for Rebuild The Rock on September 14. It will be the first to prioritize early childhood development and provide access to quality early childhood education.

Over 10 years, $40 million would be allocated to increasing quality and access to early childhood educational opportunities for children and families in the City of Little Rock. By expanding early childhood care options for Little Rock residents we can attract people to live and stay in our city to take advantage of the opportunity and we can set the stage for improved educational attainment for our children at the beginning of life.

A conservative Return on Investment for early childhood education in 10:1, a $10 return for every $1 invested.1 Thus, over ten years, a $40M investment = $400M return. Programs that are focused on the earliest years of life and targeted at the lowest-income families are shown to have the highest ROI; our program promotes those attributes.

This ROI is both short-term and long-term. In the short-term, accessibility to high-quality early childhood education opportunities enhances the likelihood of parents to be able to work full-time. In addition, early childhood education sites are crucial components of our small business sector. This program is distinctly committed to technical assistance to allow those often-fragile small businesses to remain vibrant and to training of early childhood workers to improve their own skills and the quality of the services provided. Over the longer term, because high-quality early childhood programs promote healthy childhood development, they can generate savings by obviating the need for more expensive interventions later in a child’s life.