How do I vote?

Visit our How to Vote page to get all of the details on early voting sites, times polls are open, and how to find your precinct to vote on Election Day.

How much money will the Rebuild The Rock penny replacement tax bring to the city, and when will it expire?

The Rebuild The Rock replacement tax will provide around $53,000,000 per year and will go towards improving public safety, investing in early childhood education, improving infrastructure, addressing affordable housing and homelessness, and rebuilding our city’s parks and Zoo. The tax will expire in ten years and all capital projects will be completed in ten years as well.

What is the current sales tax, and what will happen to it when Rebuild The Rock passes?

The current sales tax, is 9.00% which includes a 3/8th cent sales tax will expires December 31, 2021. It will not be renewed, so the true impact of the replacement tax will be 5/8-cent or .625%.

What will the sales tax be when Rebuild The Rock passes?

On January 1st, 2022 the sales tax rate will become 9.625%.

Will my grocery tax see a big increase?

No. You currently pay 2.625% on food. If Rebuild The Rock passes, you will pay 3.25% on food.

How do we know the money will go where it’s allocated?

The Little Rock Board of Directors passed a resolution that explains how every dollar we be spent from the replacement tax. There will also be a Citizen-led committee that will evaluate, report on, and hold public forums about projects and the completion of projects.

How will neighborhoods benefit from the Rebuild The Rock penny replacement tax?

Each neighborhood will have an opportunity to receive grants from the Neighborhood    Empowerment Fund to complete projects within their own communities. Neighborhoods will also benefit from $30,000,000 for targeted infrastructure improvements and around $14,000,000 for capital improvements to community centers.

How do I find out how the money will be spent?

You can find a detailed presentation of how ever dollar will be spent by clicking here.

Why are there taxes on food and hygiene? Why not change the full city sales tax on expensive cars, boats and airplanes instead?

Little Rock is only allowed to levy a sales tax across the board. Arkansas statute does not allow cities to pick and choose which items they will or will not tax. The great thing about the Rebuild The Rock tax is this is a replacement of the current tax that is expiring at the end of this year. The new portion, only 5/8ths of a penny, will go towards ensuring the most underserved areas of our city and all residents benefit from the Rebuild The Rock tax. For example, through this replacement tax, Little Rock will start a fund to assist small businesses as they launch and continue successful operations, help ALL Little Rock students gain access to quality early childhood education, and create affordable housing.

Why should we build a soccer facility to compete with North Little Rock’s?

Our concern is not to compete with North Little Rock. As Arkansas capital city, the state’s largest city, and the most populated city, we are building soccer fields because we have more youth that play soccer in our city than any other city in the state. We are building soccer fields because we need to invest in this sport this is growing exponentially in popularity and has been for some time. In the past, we have piecemealed soccer pitches together across the city that makes them inaccessible and below standard. We are investing in soccer fields because it’s the right thing and the smart thing to do. And lastly, this is one of many ways our city will benefit from additional tax revenue when visitors come to Little Rock for games!

Why not use a hospitality tax to build the indoor sports arena? After all, it’s designed so as to benefit the hospitality industry.

The indoor sports arena will be on city property and will be owned and operated by the city. This will allow the city to program the facility at no additional recurring cost. The initial investment will go towards building and operating the indoor sports complex and will benefit Little Rock children and adults. While it’s designed to also attract large regional and national events, as a city-run facility it gives residents an opportunity to access this state-of-the-art complex every day.

Little Rock has already given more than half a billion dollars to the Port. Why can’t it support itself?

As an economic engine for job creation in Little Rock, the growth at the Port equates to growth of jobs citywide and growth of tax revenue for services for residents. The money dedicated for the Port is to purchase land to expand operations. We have to invest in our intergovernmental agencies that add value to our city.

What was the tax revenue for Little Rock for 2020? Little Rock has a surplus and should be doing well, and the state is, too.

Due to budget cuts in 2019 and 2020, the city’s financial position is sound. However, the current sales tax is expiring. Rebuild The Rock will replace the current sales tax that will expire December 31, 3/8th of a penny, and levy a new 5/8th of a penny. Little Rock only receives turn back money from the state from the taxes that are levied by the city, which is currently 1.5%