Zoo, Parks & Recreation

Little Rock is a city within a park. With 63 parks beautifully enhancing the city’s neighborhoods, it’s time to invest more resources in their upkeep and expand our recreation. Little Rock’s budget for parks maintenance has remained constant for the last 30 years.

Through Rebuild The Rock, we improve how we maintain our parks while also offering twelve new soccer fields for youth soccer, expanding 1st Tee golf, constructing a pro golf clubhouse and facility at Rebsamen Golf Course, building an Olympic-sized indoor pool at Jim Dailey Fitness Center and a state-of-the-art senior center at Center at University Park that’s dedicated to the active lifestyle needs of our elderly and aging residents.

But there’s more that Rebuild The Rock will do!

It will give us a multi-sports indoor facility for basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and indoor soccer. This provides another opportunity to generate revenue by attracting national and regional youth sports tournaments and hosting local adult and youth athletic leagues.

War Memorial Park will become the “Central Park” of our city, with baseball fields, open air lawn entertainment, a dog park, multi-use trails, lake expansion, picnic and pavilion areas, trail connections, green space, and additional parking.

And a revitalized Hindman Park will showcase outdoor adventure and include a championship disk golf course, expanded fishing lake and fishing pier, playgrounds, downhill bike park, mountain bike trials, natural surface trails, paved trails, trail connections, green space, and a new entrance.

All of this for just one penny!

The Little Rock Zoo, Arkansas’ only accredited zoo, projects an increase to more than 550,000 visitors if we make strategic improvements to the Zoo through the Rebuild The Rock penny replacement tax. This doubling of annual attendance would make it one of the largest attractions in the state and region. These improvements include a multi-species African habitat with giraffes and interactive learning opportunities and at least $2 million annually for operations to successfully implement a master plan.

Master plan implementation for the zoo would create a $20 million dollar impact each year to the local economy, a $200 million dollar impact over 10 years.